A sustainable City of Ottawa pedestrian infrastructure and community culture that encourages walking as a healthy, safe and accessible means of exercise, enjoyment and transportation.


Our mission is to provide a voice for pedestrian safety and walkable communities for the City of Ottawa through policy advocacy and community empowerment.

Activities Include:

  • Advocacy to and collaboration with the public, media, community and business associations, other advocacy groups having common interests, government and regulatory bodies.
  • Input to and review of city and government studies, plans, programs, laws and regulations
  • Identification of potential community improvement projects and initiatives
  • Input via non funded volunteers
  • Promotion of pedestrian priorities, rights and responsibilities
  • Work and initiatives to remove barriers
  • Seeking, generating and promoting ideas and innovations Objectives and Principles:
  • Leading pedestrian master plans
  • Adequate funding and timely expenditures
  • Timely promotion of education, awareness and enforcement programs
  • On-time development, maintenance and services
  • Valued standards, policies and design concepts
  • Inviting and livable communities with increased social interaction
  • Walkability and accessibility is a cornerstone
  • Evolutionary with changing environments

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