Main Street Renewal Project – Letter to council

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July 15, 2013

Mayor Jim Watson & Members of Council
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Ave
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

Via e-mail.

Re: Main Street Renewal Project (Council Agenda Item 18)

Mayor Watson & Councillors,

Walk Ottawa is a group of citizen volunteers who contribute their time, talent, and resources to promote walkability and advance the interests of pedestrians in Ottawa.

We are writing to you to express our strong support for the “Complete Street” redevelopment proposal for Main Street as approved by Transportation Committee that you will be considering at Wednesday’s meeting of Council.

We at Walk Ottawa believe that the Complete Streets approach is a vital tool for building more inclusive neighbourhoods and communities by re-balancing our streets to improve safety and connectivity for all users, including pedestrians.

At our most recent meeting, representatives from the Main Street community shared their perspectives on this reconstruction project and Walk Ottawa members unanimously approved a motion in favour of “Option 5” for Main Street.

We urge you and your Council colleagues to support this as well.


Margaret Back , Wallace Beaton, Judith Wouk, Ron Brown, Michelle Perry, Chris Tucker, John Woodhouse
Walk Ottawa Steering Committee
Twitter: @ottwalk


cc. Dawn Whelan, Council Coordinator

June 2013 – Meeting minutes for April and draft June agenda

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You can find below the most recent meeting minutes and draft agenda for June’s meeting.

Of particular interest in the meeting minutes are:

  • Correspondance between Diane Holmes and the City regarding speeding and the 85% percentile
  • 2012 Road Safety Results memo (Safer Roads Ottawa)
  • Collision data summaries for 2008-2012 and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists (PDFs are below)Strategic Plan memo
  • Changes requested to the city’s Strategic Plan to benefit pedestrians

Documents for reference:

As with last year, we’ll skip meeting in the summer months, but you are encouraged to promote pedestrian issues at events you attend!

Here are some recent media articles for your information:

Complete Streets for Ottawa – Add your voice

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Add your voice to support Complete Streets in Ottawa by signing the online petition.

Complete Streets is a way of thinking about roads from the perspective of all users. It’s a policy framework that requires city staff and decision makers to consider the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users of all ages and abilities during the construction, retrofitting, and maintenance of all roadways. By adopting a strong complete streets policy, Ottawa will ensure that making new and existing roads friendlier to pedestrians, cyclists and transit users is the norm, not the exception.

For more information:

Changes are coming to the Queensway underpasses

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The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is starting their Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study for the Rehabilitation / Replacement of Ottawa Queensway Mid-town Bridges from Holland Ave. to O’Connor St.

Several alternatives will be reviewed for each bridge including structural and construction staging options in order to minimize disruption to Highway 417. In addition, engineering, environmental, and property requirements will be established, along with the identification of mitigation measures to reduce or negate short and long term residual effects.


This study will follow the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) planning process for a Group “B” project, with the opportunity for external agency and public consultation throughout the project.

Two Public Information Centres (PICs) are planned for this project to provide an opportunity for the public and agencies to provide input and comment on the project with representatives of the Project Team available to answer questions.

PIC #1 is expected to be held in late Spring 2013 and will present an assessment of planning solutions (Rehabilitation vs. Replacement) and the preliminary design alternatives.

PIC #2 is expected to be held in Winter 2013 / 2014, and will present the study’s technical recommendations and mitigation plan.

Upon completion of this study, a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) documenting the effects anticipated by the project and the corresponding mitigation measures, will be prepared and made available for a 30-day public review period.


To ensure we are using the most current information, we are asking for background data and any pertinent information for the vicinity of the study areas. To maintain our study schedule we are requesting this information or any comments by April 5th, 2013. If you have any project related questions or concerns, or wish to be removed from the project mailing list, please contact:

Steve Taylor, P. Eng., Project Manager Morrison Hershfield / Bytown Engineering
Tel. (613) 601-5393
Toll Free 1-855-228-4813
Fax (613) 739-4926

Don Rowat, P. Eng., Senior Project Engineer Ministry of Transportation
Tel. (613) 545-4723
Toll Free 1-800-267-0295
Fax (613) 540-5106

More details are available in the PDF overview of the project: Queensway Mid-Town Bridges Notice of Commencement

Complete Streets Launch

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Complete Streets for Ottawa! March 26 2013

Ottawa is currently completing a review of five official planning
documents, including the Official Plan, and has identified Complete
Streets as one of fourteen principles to guide the review.

Join us for a fascinating discussion of how we can Complete Ottawa’s
Streets! Ryan Whitney, of the Toronto Centre for Active
Transportation, will discuss how a Complete Streets policy can direct
Ottawa’s planners and engineers to create streets that work for all
users at this key moment in the City’s planning history. Dr. Rosamund
Lewis, Associate Medical Officer of Health, Policy and Partnerships,
Ottawa Public Health, will discuss the public health benefits of
complete streets. City Councillor Keith Egli, Chair of Ottawa’s
Transportation Committee, will welcome guests and voice his support
for Complete Streets in Ottawa.

The event is being organized by Ecology Ottawa, the Student Federation
of the University of Ottawa’s Bike Coop, Walk Ottawa, Citizens for
Safe Cycling, Green Communities Canada, EnviroCentre, and the Toronto
Centre for Active Transportation.

Please RSVP at this link:

WHEN March 26, 2013 at 5:30pm

90U Residence Lounge, University of Ottawa
90 University Private

Complete Streets Launch- smaller


No advance walk signal at Gladstone and Bronson

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(Edited down to the Gladstone part.  Also, the zebra striping and no right turns on red have not been implemented.)

To: Councillor Holmes
From:     Landry, Philippe (Public Works) <>
Subject:     RE: Intersections – Bronson/Somerset & Bronson/Gladstone
Date:     10 January, 2013 4:48:08 PM EST

[Regarding] the east/west advance walk at Gladstone and Bronson.   I did talk to our Traffic Operations Branch who operate the traffic signal system and they indicated that Gladstone and Bronson operates near capacity and that by adding the advance walk signal, even if only for the east/west direction, would cause the intersection to fail, therefore it would not be recommended to install this interval.

I will ask my staff to go out in the field to ensure that the signs and pavement markings (no right-turn on red and zebra markings) have been implemented.  These changes along with the geometric improvements that were made as part of the intersection reconstruction have enhanced the pedestrian environment at this intersection.   I would suggest that we monitor these improvements over the next 6 months and that perhaps in the Spring we meet on site to review the changes that have been put in place.




Here’s a bit more about why the intersection would “fail”.

From: Landry, Philippe (Public Works)
Sent: June 29, 2012 6:22 AM
To: Holmes, Diane
Subject: FW: Intersections – Bronson/Somerset & Bronson/Gladstone

Councillor Holmes

For the intersection of Bronson and Gladstone, we will implement the no right turn on red for all approaches, however, implementing the advance walk interval would cause the intersection to fail.  A few concerns with this include: northbound traffic will back up on Bronson into the new traffic signal at Bronson and Arlington, thereby vehicles potentially blocking crosswalks; traffic on Gladstone using residential streets to by-pass this intersection; and more drivers going through the amber and all-red intervals due to frustration with having had to wait for a few cycles to get through the intersection, thereby decreasing the safety for all users of the intersection.


November 2012 Walk Ottawa agenda

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The agenda for the November Walk Ottawa meeting is available to read.

Sustainable Transportation Week – Walkable communities breakfast

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To register, send an email to: or call (613) 656-0100 ext 113

For more information about Sustainable Transportation Week see: