Leaving comments

  • If you have a comment about a specific challenge, please be clear about where it is. If the issue is already detailed in an existing entry, consider leaving the comment there.
  • Comments like “I agree! What a pain!”, “This is not a problem” or “I got hit at this intersection” are perfectly valid
  • If you think a description is inaccurate and needs to be changed, be clear about this in a comment, or just hit the “Edit this item” link in the infowindow of the map
  • If there’s a bug on the site, please report it by mailing .


Reporting new items

There’s no way that any one individual can be aware of every walking challenge throughout the entire city, so this is where you come in. There are two ways to report a new problem:

  1. fill in the web form (preferred)
  2. write up an entry below (easiest)

Broken glass, snow clearing and other quick fixes are best handled with an email or call to 311:

  • 311



If you have a problem with driver or pedestrian behaviour (e.g. people walk on a flashing hand signal, I hate pedestrians, etc.), your comment will not be published.

One Comment

  1. I walk down Wellington St. everyday. The intersection of Wellington and Holland is absolutely dangerous. I see a full red being run there everyday! Also, cars turning left onto Wellington from Holland simply do not stop for pedestrians when they have the signal to walk. I am very concerned that someone is going to be seriously hurt here.

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