Walk Ottawa meeting – April agenda

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Walk Ottawa
Meeting #13 – Agenda
April 14, 2014, 7-9pm, Ottawa City Hall, Richmond Room

  1. Introductions (Name, neighbourhood)
  2. Agenda
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Business arising from previous minutes:
    1. Presentation: Healthy Transportation Coalition (Trevor Haché)
    2. The sidewalk patio application for Bank & Gladstone was deferred until the Elgin Street Patio Pilot has concluded, and the bench at that corner will be reinstated. Comments on the Elgin St patios can be sent to elginpatiopilot@ottawa.ca
    3. Walkability audits for Elgin and Bank Streets can be downloaded from: http://centretowncitizens.ca/walkability-audits-elgin-bank/
    4. Steering Committee Report
    5. Future of Walk Ottawa, structure & activities
    6. Complete Street for Main Street update
    7. Member Recruitment

                                                              i.      Recruitment poster (attached per last meeting action item)

                                                            ii.      WO Branding (logo/banner)

  1. WO website (walkottawa.ca) and e-mail address (ottwalk@gmail.com)
  2. Review of major pedestrian incidents since the last meeting
  3. Rideau/Waller Feb 21, 2014 (26 y.o. woman) – Marker installed Apr 2 (See Document 3)
  4. Sign Shop proposals – See Document 2,
  5. Announcements/Other business
  6. Jane’s Walks Ottawa will be held Saturday & Sunday May 3-4, 2014, plus two Jane’s Talk events. In addition to attending the free walks around the city, you can help by acting as a marshal on an existing walk, or giving your own walk on a topic you’re familiar with. Visit www.janeswalkottawa.ca for more details.
  7. A set of new weekly walking groups is being launched starting May 6 in Kanata, Nepean and Barrhaven. See www.StreetStrollers.ca
  8. Pedestrian signals will activate automatically on Bank Street in the Glebe 7am-9pm on weekdays and 9am-6pm on weekends.
  9. Note the first two items on the March 5, 2014 Transportation Committee agenda: Traffic Control Device Initiatives (including a catalogue of traffic calming measures), and Pedestrian Crossing [Signals]: http://app05.ottawa.ca/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=6124&doctype=AGENDA
  10. Note the “Response to Inquiries” on the April 10, 2014 Transportation Committee agenda, “Winter Maintenance on Sidewalks”. “It would cost an additional $4.1 million to maintain 1,370 km of 2B and 3 sidewalks at a 2A standard (Bare Surface)…” http://app05.ottawa.ca/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=6319&doctype=AGENDA
  11. Next meeting: June 2014?
  12. Forward agenda: Decision on Walk Ottawa structure