2014 Budget and the Transportation Master Plan

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There are some important milestones coming up which were discussed at last week’s meeting:

1. Updates to Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and Ottawa Pedestrian Plan (OPP)

Wednesday, October 9: These two plans will be tabled (i.e. released) at a joint meeting of Transportation Committee and Transit Commission. The Mayor will be giving a speech that morning on transportation issues.

Tuesday, October 15, 4-8pm: the first of four information sessions will take place at City Hall. For the three other dates/locations, see attachment

Friday, November 15: Transportation Committee* will consider the TMP, OPP and Ottawa Cycling Plan. *Individuals and groups may make public delegations at the Committee meeting.

Tuesday, November 26: City Council will consider all Master Plans, including the TMP and OPP.

See www.ottawa.ca/liveableottawa for a full schedule and to download the plans after October 9.


2.Walk Ottawa working group meeting to review TMP and OPP

If there is interest in a meeting to review the TMP and OPP, Councillor Holmes can arrange a meeting room, refreshments, and printed copies of the documents. Contact Charles if interested in participating. No date set yet, but it would likely be a weekday evening.

Note: Councillor Homes has sent her preliminary comments on the transportation portions of the draft Official Plan (OP) update, which was released previously. These are attached for your reference.


3. Walk Ottawa 2014 budget submission

You can read the letter that Walk Ottawa submitted to the City on September 25 regarding the 2014 budget, which includes the changes discussed at the last Walk Ottawa meeting. For more information on the 2014 budget process and timelines, see www.ottawa.ca/budget2014


4. Pedestrian Safety Evaluation Program (PSEP) report to Transportation Committee

A report on the Pedestrian Safety Evaluation Program pilot project is tentatively scheduled to go to Transportation Committee on December 4. This was approved in April 2010 as a 3-year pilot project (Details: http://www.ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/trc/2010/04-07/10-ACS2010-COS-PWS-0001_EN.htm ). More information about the December report will be available closer to the meeting date.


5. Next Walk Ottawa meeting – TBD

The next Walk Ottawa meeting has not been scheduled. If it is in November, it will likely not be on a Monday night.